How To Post On Reddit Iphone App

How do you publish on Reddit’s mobile app? Launch the Reddit app on your Android or iOS device, or download it. Launch the app and enter your Reddit credentials by hitting the profile icon in the upper-left corner. Proceed to the subreddit in which you want to post.

How can I create a Reddit post? Click the Create Post button after navigating to the subreddit to which you want to post. Text, images or videos, and links may be posted from this page. Text postings must have a Title and should likely also include some Text. This is an excellent discussion starter.

Why am I unable to post on Reddit? A moderator may have deleted your post if you inadvertently violated one of the community’s guidelines. Redditors are limited in how often they may post and comment in a community to avoid spammers. If you’re fresh new to Reddit and don’t have much karma yet, this spam filter may catch your posts.

How To Post On Reddit Iphone App – RELATED QUESTIONS

How can I post without the Reddit app?

On Desktop. Open Reddit. In your favourite browser, visit This will open the Reddit hot page if you are already signed onto the site.

Why does mobile Reddit never load?

If the Reddit app on your smartphone is malfunctioning, you may often resolve the issue by restarting it. Other solutions include emptying the app’s cache, logging out, and reinstalling the application. Restarting your phone may also restore functionality to the Reddit app.

How does Reddit mobile work?

Reddit on mobile is easier to navigate than on a desktop or laptop computer. You may browse articles/text postings by tapping the title, images by tapping the image, and comments by tapping the comment symbol. You may also use the upvote and downvote arrows to show your approval of a post.
Reddit is entirely anonymous, yes.
Redditors are defined only by their username and the material they provide. The Reddit user is not required to provide any personal information in their post or username. Reddit is primarily a network of entirely anonymous individuals that share online information with one another.

Is Reddit free to use?

Free Reddit membership login is needed to enjoy the site’s fundamental functions. Redditors may upgrade to Reddit Gold for a monthly charge or annual membership. This service offers a variety of additional capabilities that are unavailable to free users.

How can I see my Reddit post?

Press the icon on the right and go to “my profile”; “posts” should be the default view when you access “my profile.”

Why am I unable to upload movies using mobile Reddit?

Because Reddit prohibits the uploading of images and videos on NSFW subreddits and accounts. You must post your material to a third-party site and then link it to Reddit; (most) NSFW subreddits only employ Redgifs.

When should I submit content to Reddit?

The optimum time to post on Reddit is between 6 AM and 8 AM on Mondays and between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM on Saturdays and Sundays between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. You will get the most out of your Reddit efforts if you post early in the morning and on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

How often may you post on Reddit?

The Reddit-Wiki contains the following data: A user with low karma may submit 1 message or comment every 10 minutes. This rate grows as karma increases.

How much karma am I allowed to post on Reddit?

You must have 125 karma to post, and 75 to comment. (with FAQ added) r/Mindfulness: read before posting.

Do you need karma to post?

Each subreddit has a set of rules that must be followed before posting. Before posting, it may be necessary to have, for instance, 100 karma points in the community or be active in a similar but distinct community (s).

How long does it take for a Reddit post to get approved?

There is no fixed deadline. Moderators are individuals with lives outside of the subreddits they manage. Approval might take minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months. simply be patient.

Why am I unable to get karma on Reddit?

Comment on the Most Recent and Rising Posts Visibility is one of the greatest challenges to gaining karma. Even if you have the finest remark or post, no one will notice it if it is buried behind other stuff. Therefore, if you’re seeking karma, it’s advisable to focus on brand-new or rising articles.

Why does Reddit need me to use the app?

They want to compel everyone onto the app since advertising on it is simpler. All elements of a person’s privacy, such as specific position, altitude, Wifi ID, device kind and attributes, screen size, etc., are simpler to monitor and track. Also, it is easy to trace individuals that utilize the app.

Is Reddit safe?

Reddit is created for adult users, not minors. Due to threats like as predators, false information, deadly online challenges, and data breaches, it is not a safe environment for children and adolescents.

How can I remove my iPhone’s Reddit cache?

To clear the cache, click the settings icon at the bottom of the app’s profile screen, then scroll down to clear local history.

Why is Reddit so sluggish in 2022?

Reddit may be loading slowly for you due to your Internet connection. If you are certain that your Internet connection is fast, the delay might be due to a sluggish device or software, cache that has not been cleared, or server issues on Reddit’s end.

Reddit only accessible through Wi-Fi?

Android’s Reddit software only operates via WiFi, not mobile data.

Can money be made on Reddit?

No, it is not feasible to make money directly through Reddit at this time. However, you may discover money-making opportunities on Reddit. There are subreddits that enable members to exchange ideas and discuss prospects.

What do the arrows on Reddit represent?

The “up” arrow indicates a “vote up” (this is a good submission, which is relevant to this subreddit). The down arrow represents a “downvote” (this is a bad submission, which is not relevant to this subreddit). The amount between the arrows is the sum of upvotes minus downvotes.

Can you see the visitors to your Reddit?

No, you cannot do that. Give me a list of every person who has seen your profile.

Can Reddit be used to find my identity?

However, unlike other social media platforms, there is no demand on Reddit users to divulge their genuine identities. Reddit may create a very accurate character about you, but it is not connected to your identity.

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