How To Delete QuestiOn on Piazza

Can you erase post from Piazza? There are two methods for removing postings. Instructors (professors and TAs) are the only ones who can remove postings. Deleted posts are irrecoverable.

How can I remove a student response on Piazza? To remove a response you added, click the arrow in the upper-right corner of the response and choose Delete.

How can I modify a piazza post? Click Update and then explain the question or remark to edit a post. To modify a follow-up, select Edit: from the Actions menu. Only the name of the individual who initiated the follow-up will be revealed.

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Are inquiries on Piazza anonymous?

If you choose your name, the question will be connected with it. If you choose “Anonymous to Classmates,” only the teacher will be able to see your name in relation to the question. If you choose “Anonymous to everyone,” your name will not be connected with the question.

How can I remove unanswered Chegg questions?

We will only delete a question if its content violates our Terms of Service and Honor Code. If you believe your question violates any of these rules, please visit and complete the removal request form.

How can I remove a Google question?

Start by tapping the menu button that resembles three stacked dots in the upper right corner of the display. Select “Delete choices” from the menu drop-down. Choose to erase today’s or yesterday’s searches by clicking or touching the corresponding bubble.

How do you respond to a Piazza comment?

Access the Piazza Tool inside Sakai. Input your answer into the Instructor’s Response Box. Enter your comment in the Text Box Editor and click Submit. After submitting your answer, choose the Submit button. Your answer may take many different shapes.

How do you see your own Piazza posts?

To examine a post’s history, including modifications, updates, and comments, move the history bar slider above the post: Updates to the post are included in brackets… Instructors have the power to restrict a student’s posting privileges for a certain period of time.

How can I indicate my Piazza post as resolved?

A post that has been moved to the “Student Answer” area is likely to be overlooked. Utilize “Follow-ups” to follow up while leaving the main post unsettled. Mark a follow-up as unresolved if you desire a response, otherwise we may miss it.

Can teachers see your Piazza activity?

Yes, you may examine a statistics report that includes online time, postings read, and contributions for all students and teachers.

What are teachers able to observe on Piazza?

As soon as the class is operational, the Class Information page will give a comprehensive overview of course statistics, including student engagement, use patterns, and the average response time.

What does the TS symbol on my Piazza profile mean?

The TS badge signifies that you have gotten the most teacher recommendations on your Student Answers in your Piazza course forum. Piazza has no access to student grade information. Adding Badges to your profile on the Network. 1.

Can instructors access Chegg?

In actuality, the majority of teachers can detect whether you utilized Chegg to get answers. They determine this by comparing your answers to those that are publicly accessible on Chegg. If you duplicate an incorrect answer from Chegg and it matches a plagiarism check, your professor will find out and may file a cheating complaint.

Can you be punished for using Chegg?

Despite the fact that utilizing Chegg Study to verify homework increases students’ scores, it still constitutes cheating. Students discovered engaging in such conduct may still be subject to disciplinary action by their institution or university.

How long does Chegg take to delete a question?

The procedure lasts seven days. I suppose they contact you following deletion. (I just filed my request, and I’ll let you know if any more information becomes available.) It simply took two or three days, and I was not asked any further questions.

How can you remove a question?

To remove a question, just choose the question at the top (the six dots:::) and then click the trash can at the bottom.

How can I remove a question on Quora?

Quora provides a grace period during which users are able to remove their queries. Users should be able to choose the Delete Question option from a corresponding drop-down menu.

How does one become a moderator for Brainly?

Occasionally, certain users may also seek moderators for assistance with their assignments. A user must have at least five valid and original answers on their account to qualify as a moderator.

Where is the delete key?

The Delete key is often smaller and less easily positioned than the Backspace key, and on keyboards with limited space, such as those without a numeric keypad or virtual keyboards for mobile devices, it is sometimes eliminated entirely.

How can I erase irrelevant search results?

On your Android device, launch the Google app. Tap your Profile photo or initial in the upper-right corner. Internet search history. Select the Search history to be deleted. You may select: Your whole Search history: Above your history, press the Delete button. Delete all time.

How do you create Piazza?

Navigate to Search for your school in the section labeled School Search. Enter the name of your class. Click the icon labeled + Create a new Class. Enter your course’s details. Select Create Class from the menu. Follow the on-screen instructions to add students, TAs, and distribute the Piazza link to students.

What is the meaning of Stream on Piazza?

The Live Q&A stream is organized by the amount of upvotes for each post. Once a question has been answered, you may shut upvotes on that post. When upvotes are removed from a post, it will be moved to the bottom of the ‘Live Q&A’ stream.

How do you see your peers on Piazza?

Instructors may access the “Search for Teammates” article by entering @5 in the Q&A search field. Instructors will see the following private post when clicking the post: Instructors may make a post public to students by clicking the Make Post Public option.

How can I observe students on Piazza?

The student Piazza interface is fairly identical to the instructor interface, with the exception of the Manage Class tab. To access the students’ perspective on Piazza, you must establish an account as a student.

What exactly is a Piazza post?

Piazza is a learning management system that enables students to post forum-style queries. Instructors are allowed to manage discussions and validate correct responses.

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