How To Delete Marco Polo Profile

Does removing a Marco Polo erase it for everyone? When you delete a user, you lose access to all Polos in the chat. However, the other individual will continue to have access. To revoke their access to your supplied Polos, please refer to the instructions on how to delete a Polo.

Can you remove a Marco Polo? You may erase Polos that have been shared with you or Polos that you have recorded. To do this: iOS & Android: Tap and hold the Polo thumbnail. selecting “Delete/Remove” from the menu.

How can you determine whether or not someone is watching Marco Polo? When you begin a discussion, the plot will appear down the bottom. This shows your sent and received Polos. The newest Polos will be on the right. If someone has seen your Polo, a little circle with their profile picture will appear in the corner of the last Polo.

How To Delete Marco Polo Profile – RELATED QUESTIONS

Do Marco Polo videos go away?

Do they go away? Your Polos are now accessible until you remove them, unless you stop using the app for a year or longer. The only conversations that are permanently erased are those in which all participants have not accessed their Marco Polo app for at least 365 days.

How may contacts be deleted from the Marco Polo app?

Tap the three dots located to the right of the user’s Chat Tile. Select Block/Erase Chat. Choose Delete Conversation or Block and Delete Conversation.

Can Marco Polo be used without a phone number?

Yes, the Marco polo app may be set up without a phone number.

What happens if a Marco Polo conversation is deleted?

choose Delete Chat from the pop-up menu. This does not delete the Polos from both of your closets. Your buddy will continue to have full access to the chat. You must delete each Polo separately in order to prevent recipients from seeing them.

How can I remove a Marco Polo group?

Tap the three dots located next to the conversation tile. Select Edit Group. Tap on the person’s name and choose Remove from Group to remove them from the group. After removing everyone else from the Group, choose Leave Group to remove yourself from the group. This article was helpful? No Yes.

How long are preserved Marco Polos?

Initially, Polos are saved on your smartphone for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the files are transferred to our cloud. This frees up storage space on your smartphone! You still have full ability to save or remove any of your Polos, so don’t worry.

Does Marco Polo spam your contacts?

Once the application is installed, it will obtain access to your contacts and utilize them for aggressive marketing reasons. Numerous people stated that their colleagues and acquaintances were bombarded with forged mails including their identities.

How can I erase conversations?

Tap Archive to add the selected conversations to your chat archives. Mark everything read: Click More. Mark everything read. Tap Erase to delete the selected conversations from Messages.

What does it mean to be active on Marco Polo?

The Active status, shown at the top of a one-on-one conversation, reflects the last time a user was active on Marco Polo.

Can my phone number be changed on Marco Polo?

If you have already logged into the Marco Polo app with your NEW phone number, you will need to remove this account before changing your phone number.

How can I move my Marco Polo account to a another phone?

Tap the Settings icon in the bottom right corner while connected into your original Marco Polo account. You will then enter both your old and new telephone numbers. After pressing the blue “Next” button, a verification code will be sent to your new phone.

How can I log into old Marco Polo?

How can Polos that have been archived be accessed? To view old Polos, just go to the chat’s archive and press “Restore Polos.” How long before my requested Polos from the past become accessible?

How does Marco Polo use your information?

Unless you remove your account, Marco Polo may store all of your data forever, unless you deactivate your account. If you deactivate your account, your personal information and any scrapbooks you have created will be lost, as well as your membership in any Marco Polo groups. The retention durations and techniques are not specified.

What distinguishes Marco Polo from WhatsApp?

The founders of Marco Polo state in their app store descriptions that their product is distinct from other social networking applications because “Marco Polo is authentic, trustworthy, and designed to benefit you. Marco Polo, unlike many other applications, does not sell user data for advertising.”

Does Marco Polo contain viruses?

Appearing to be tremendously popular, this concept seems to be a brilliant one. However, there have been accusations that it distributes invites to download the app to all of your contacts without your consent. Suspicious, the software is still accessible on the iOS app market but NOT in the Mac app store.

What use does the Marco Polo app serve?

The 2014 release of Marco Polo by Joya Communications has been labeled a “video walkie-talkie.” Similar to Snapchat, the application lets you to send and receive brief video messages with your friends and family.

Are Marco Polo videos secure?

Marco Polo encrypts data only while in transit and not end-to-end. Therefore, they have perpetual access to your videos, until you remove them. Additionally, Marco Polo guarantees that no data is monetized or promoted upon.

How can I permanently erase Messenger messages?

Locate the message you want to remove in the chat and click the three-dot symbol that appears next to it. Select “Delete” from the option that drops down. If you confirm that you want to delete the message, your copy of the discussion will be deleted forever.

Can the recipient see deleted messages?

All answers. You are unable to modify the message on the other phone. If you remove it on your phone it does not eliminate it from the receivers phone.

Does deleting a Messenger discussion destroy it for both parties?

If you want to delete a message for yourself alone, you may do so at any moment by selecting “Remove for You.” When you choose this option, the message will be deleted for you, but not for other chat participants. You may always report discussions that violate our Community Guidelines.

How does the Marco Polo app earn revenue?

Marco Polo has pledged to avoid selling advertisements or user information, which is generally how free applications generate revenue. Therefore, a premium product and subscription income are necessary for Marco Polo to remain in business once the epidemic has ended.

Can Marco Polo be installed on several devices?

On both Android and Apple (iOS) smartphones, you may connect with friends and family.

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