How To Delete Bethesda Account

How can I disconnect my Bethesda and Xbox accounts? Xbox and PlayStation gamers cannot unlink their accounts. To obtain account unlinking help, you must send a ticket to Bethesda Customer Support. Click here to submit a ticket and complete the required fields.

How can I make modifications to my Bethesda account? Sign in to your Account Settings page, select Edit, edit the Name box with your new first or last name, then click Save Changes to confirm.

Can the Bethesda account be disconnected from Steam? On the Linked Accounts tab, Steam may be unlinked without contacting Customer Support for a limited number of times. Please contact Bethesda Customer Support if you do not have this capability.

How To Delete Bethesda Account – RELATED QUESTIONS

Can you alter the name of your Bethesda account?

You are unable to modify your Login Username, however you may modify your Display Name. You may only make this adjustment once every three months. Visit the “Account Management Page” and choose “Edit Account” to alter your display name.

How can I locate my Xbox Bethesda account?

The “Connected Accounts” area of your Account page displays the accounts you have linked to your account.

How do I disconnect my Xbox account?

To open the guide, press Xbox button. choose Profile & system > Settings > Account > Remove accounts from system. Select the profile you want to delete, then click Remove to confirm.

Can you modify your Bethesda email address?

To modify the email address connected with your account, visit your Account Management page and click the Edit button. Click on the Email Address box, input your new email address, and then confirm by clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Which Bethesda account do I have?

If you have forgotten the username associated with your account, head to the account page and choose Help me locate my account. You are needed to give the email address associated with your account. Once submitted, the email address associated with your account will get an email with your username.

How can I deactivate a connected Steam account?

Go to the Account Settings page. choose Unlink account, followed by Confirm.

Why am I unable to connect my Bethesda account to Steam?

Try logging out of both your account and the service you are attempting to connect, then signing back in and completing the account linking procedure on the Linked Accounts page. Visit the Tied Accounts tab on your account to see the accounts to which your account is linked.

How can I determine which accounts are associated with my Steam account?

Log into your ESO account and choose Linked Accounts from the Account Summary area to see which Steam account has been linked to your ESO account. You may browse all of your presently connected accounts from there.

Why is my Fallout 76 name a string of numbers?

My in-game name is a series of random numbers and letters. How can I correct this? If you alter your name in-game, only you will be able to notice the change. You must contact Bethesda to see whether they are willing to make the modification for you.

How can I reach Bethesda’s customer support?

To terminate Your Account and Memberships, please contact Customer Service at or from North America at 1-844-ZENIMAX (1-844-936-4629) or from outside the U.S. at +1-410-220-2853 (International charges may apply; please contact Your carrier for details).

Does Fallout 76 support multiplayer?

Currently, Fallout 76 does not enable cross-platform play or cross-generation, thus you cannot play with a buddy who has a PlayStation 5 if you possess a PlayStation 4. There is one exception to this rule: Game Pass users may play alongside Steam users.

Does a Bethesda account need payment?

Yes, a account is required to play on any platform. Registering for a free account is fast and simple! Console users may also create a account inside the game.

Does it cost money to have an account with Bethesda?

Here you may establish a free account if you do not already have one. The game will check for a connected account upon start. You may be required to provide your account details or email address. While asked, enter your email address when opening the game.

Fallout 4: Do I need a Bethesda account?

Destructoid reports that Bethesda now asks users to connect a Steam account in order to post Fallout 4 console modifications.

How can I disconnect Microsoft from Minecraft?

Replies (3)  You must scroll down to reach Apps and Services. You will then see a list of Apps associated with your Microsoft Account. You should be able to modify > delete services that are no longer desired.

How can I deactivate a connected Microsoft account?

choose Settings. Under Manage your associated accounts, hover over the account you want to delete and click Delete. choose Save. You may erase email messages from the associated account after removing the account from

Can an Xbox account be deleted without canceling a Microsoft account?

No, it used to be available until 2008, when everything was combined. Now, the Xbox account IS the Microsoft account; they are not just connected; they are one and the same; they cannot be split or separated; and you cannot reset the account. Was this response useful?

How long does Bethesda support take to respond?

Customer Support at Bethesda tries to reply to the majority of inquiries within two business days. Please note that upgrading your ticket will place it towards the back of the queue and delay the response time.

How can I connect my Bethesda account to the PlayStation Network?

Enter your selected username and a valid email address before selecting Create Account again. Check your email for a verification email, then click the link in that email to create your account.

What is the procedure for resetting my Bethesda password?

Sign in to your account at and select Edit on the Account Management page to change your password. Then, you will be allowed to choose a new password. Note that you will first be required to answer your security question.

Why am I unable to access my Bethesda account?

Check the Bethesda Support Twitter account to see if any maintenance or outages are scheduled. Verify that your computer is linked to the network and that nothing is preventing your game from connecting to the internet. Add a gaming exemption to your antivirus and firewall software.

Why is available?

Bethesda Launcher, released in 2016 and previously known as, is an exclusive digital distributor for games made by Bethesda Softworks. Users may log in to their Bethesda account to manage and add titles to their collection.

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