How To Delete Alibaba Account

How can I remove my account from Alibaba? Sign in. Sign in with your credentials to access your Alibaba account. Access “My Account” Click your username from the “My account” drop-down menu in the upper right corner. Visit “Member Profile.” Click “Account Deactivation” Click “Deactivate my account” to deactivate your account. That is all!

How can I erase my Alibaba email address? Sign in to My Alibaba. Select “My Account” -> “Change Email Address”

How can I remove my AliExpress account? Click My AliExpress after logging in to Click Account Settings, followed by Member Profile Edit. Click Account Deactivation. Enter your email address followed by “Deactivate my account.” Select a reason for canceling your AliExpress account. Click the Deactivate Account link.

How To Delete Alibaba Account – RELATED QUESTIONS

How can I remove my account on Alibaba 2022?

Sign in to your member profile on Alibaba and select “Deactivate Account” to delete your account. Click ‘Deactivate my account’ after selecting a reason for termination.

How can I delete my credit card information from Alibaba?

How can I delete my financial information? You may delete your bank or credit card details through My Alibaba – Transactions – Bank/Card Accounts. Please be aware that this procedure can only be conducted on a PC.

Why is my account on Alibaba banned?

If we have determined that the registered email address for the account has not been compromised, we will temporarily ban the account. To regain regular functionality, the user must complete an online identification verification. Suspicious product advertisements will be eliminated.

Why am I unable to access my Alibaba account?

Change your browser’s default privacy settings if you are unable to log in to Settings that block third-party cookies may interfere with login service and prevent you from accessing the Alibaba Cloud website.

How can I locate my Alibaba User ID?

Sign in to the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace website, go to My Account, and then select Account Management. Your account ID may be found on the Security Settings page.

How much time is required to deactivate an AliExpress account?

Deactivation will ultimately erase your account. Within 24 hours of completing the deactivation form, your information will be deleted from AliExpress. No longer will you be able to access your account.

Allow multiple AliExpress accounts?

We suggest that you establish at least two AliExpress accounts, so that if one account is suspended, you may use the other account to complete orders. Without emphasizing that you must submit AliExpress with all of the paperwork they will need, you should provide AliExpress with all of the documentation they request.

Can you have numerous Alibaba accounts?

You may add up to five sub-accounts to your administrator account using sub-accounts. Each account is independent and may showcase items and contact consumers.

A free Alibaba account?

Create a free account now if you are prepared to register as a buyer, vendor, or both. With, international purchasing and selling has never been simpler.

Is a membership to Alibaba free?

Join Alibaba for free as a buyer. On, membership is absolutely free for buyers.

How do I call Alibaba?

To sell on, call 022 4233 5233. (Monday to Friday only)

How can I create an account on Alibaba?

Click Join Free on the Login page to create an account. Enter your email address, and then click Next. There will be a confirmation email sent to your inbox. Please click the link in the email and fill out the necessary fields.

How can I get Alibaba credit?

After receiving an invoice for an order placed on, you have up to sixty days to settle the outstanding amount. Approved customers are granted a credit line ranging from $5,000 to $2,000,000. It’s a simple online application that might result in instant approval without affecting your credit score.

How can I delete my credit card information from Shopee?

You may erase your credit/debit card information from the Shopee App’s Linked Payment Methods tab. Select the Me tab > the? icon > Bank Accounts/Cards > the appropriate card > Delete > password > Continue.

Can a supplier on Alibaba blacklist you?

If the provider refuses to comply, the customer has the option to suspend their account. That is essentially the extent of their authority. In some instances, the prospect of being banned from Alibaba is sufficient to induce a supplier to reimburse a client.

Why can’t I pay on Alibaba?

Alibaba conducts frequent checks on the payments of all members. If your payment is randomly reviewed and deemed risky, you may be denied payment. The system determines if you are eligible for the check automatically. Suggestion: Please remit money using other ways, such as T/T.

How can I modify my Alibaba phone number?

If you are able to sign in and get your verification code through your existing mobile phone, you may change it immediately in My Alibaba under “Manage Verification Phones.”

Can I get ripped off on Alibaba?

There are several allegations of frauds on Alibaba, in addition to other difficulties like customer service, packing, and shipment timeframes. Most vendors on Alibaba are manufacturers, although most demand hefty minimum purchases. As intermediaries, wholesalers often permit smaller orders.

Can Alibaba Be Relied Upon?

Similar to many contemporary ecommerce marketplaces, the bulk of Alibaba’s sellers are credible and trustworthy, making the marketplace relatively secure and legitimate. Trade Assurance, a verification service for select suppliers, is provided by the corporation to safeguard payments made over the payment platform.

Is Alibaba legit?

Is Alibaba legit? Alibaba is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in China, if not the whole globe, thus its legitimacy is unquestionable. However, the vendors that sell via it are a different matter. There have been instances of them defrauding their consumers, despite the fact that the vast majority of them are there to do business in an ethical manner.

How can I delete my credit card information from AliExpress?

Launch the app for AliExpress. Select Options. Access My Wallet. Tap My Credit/Debit Cards. Select a card. Tap Remove.

Is AliExpress safe?

The research demonstrates that AliExpress buying is truly secure. However, use caution and realism. There are deals available, just as there are low-quality items and con artists. However, many of the same merchants now also list on eBay and Amazon, and the prices are comparable.

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