How To Change Account In Clash Of Clans Android

Why am I unable to change my Clash of Clans account? The account switch method has been modified somewhat in this version, so if you’re unable to switch to your non-SCID account, please try the steps below: go to Settings -> Supercell ID -> SCID Settings?? -> Log Out. Then, the option to play without SCID should appear!

How can I create numerous Clash of Clans Android accounts? By logging in with your Google Play account. Simply sign in to all of your Clash of Clans accounts with various Google Play accounts and play several accounts on a single phone by clicking on the sign in option, selecting your account, and then clicking on “Load” and typing “CONFIRM” Enjoy.

How can you add a second Clash of Clans account? Tap the blue icon next to “Connected” that resembles two arrows intersecting. If the title screen is shown, touch “Login with Supercell ID.” A list of connected accounts will show; choose the desired account from the list.

How To Change Account In Clash Of Clans Android – RELATED QUESTIONS

How can I modify my Google account for Clash of Clans?

Launch the game. The account linked to your Google or Game Center account will load. Open the Settings menu and hit the “Supercell ID” option. Then choose “New Registration”

Why does Clash of Clans not have a Supercell ID button?

No Supercell ID button | Fandom. If the Supercell ID is not functioning for you, try closing any background applications and launching Clash again; the Supercell ID should then be accessible.

How can I log out of my Supercell ID account on all devices?

Try logging into your Supercell account on the internet and changing your password there. Once the password has been changed, contact Supercell through the in-game contact page and request that they logout any devices using your Supercell ID.

How many COC accounts am I permitted?

For Android devices, 50 email addresses or Supercell IDs may be saved per account if the device supports switching between Google and Android users. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S2, this implies that a maximum of 400 accounts might be stored on a single device, as a user can have up to eight separate accounts.

Can I erase my Supercell ID?

It is possible to request the erasure of all account-related information. To completely comply with this request, the gaming account must be permanently closed and deleted. This includes all in-game cash and progress, regardless of whether they were purchased.

Can you have two Clash of Clans accounts?

Dual Clash of Clans on Android device Fortunately, Android users have two alternatives for running two COC accounts on a single device. The first is to use the straight route, while the second is to use an application called Parallel Space.

Can you have numerous Supercell ID accounts?

Additionally, Supercell ID facilitates the maintenance of many gaming accounts. On the same device, players may easily swap between numerous Supercell IDs. Register your Supercell ID in-game now and you’ll never lose your game again!

How can I disconnect my account from Supercell?

To disconnect your Supercell ID, go to Settings > Help & Support. Next, click the Lost Account icon, followed by the Contact Us option. Send Supercell a message to disconnect your account. After sending a message, your account will be closed within 24 hours.

Can my COC account be transferred to another account?

Go to settings on the old device you’re switching from, have the new device you’re transferring to handy, and then on the old device under settings, choose “connect a device” and then “old device.” It should then generate a code,..
Now, open clash on your new device, go to settings and choose “connect a device” followed by “new device…

Can I alter my Supercell username?

To ensure that you may enjoy your game with a handle that you want, each participant is permitted one free username change. Unlocking this feature at Town Hall level 5 To change your name, launch the in-game Settings menu, choose “More Settings,” and then “Change name.”

Exists a method to restart Clash of Clans?

On Android, the program may be reinstalled, but your village is connected to your Google Play account. If you use Google Play to log into Clash of Clans, you will need to create a new account.

Can a new game be started in Clash of Clans?

There is no equivalent in Clash of Clans to restarting your town. If you do not desire your settlement, you must forsake its basis and begin a new game (if it is not linked with google play account for android users).

How can I begin Clash of Clans from scratch?

On this device, create a new Game Centre account and download and install Clash of Clans. On your second device, complete the instruction and name your new community. When you launch the game, you will be requested to load the town you created on another device.

What are my username and password for Supercell?

Setting up a Supercell ID is free and simple, and there are no passwords; upon login, you are provided a new verification number. No longer need to memorize passwords! Registering a Supercell ID for each of your gaming accounts is the most convenient method for switching between them.

How can I move my Supercell ID to a new email address?

Simply contact the Supercell staff using the game’s help and support menu. They will modify your e-mail address using a token number. It will take four to five days.

How can I determine my Supercell ID?

Search your email accounts for messages that include the phrase “Supercell ID.” This will assist you determine the email address you used to establish your Supercell ID. Then, if you know the email address you used to register, access the in-game Settings, hit “Disconnected,” and log in.

How can I transfer my previous Clash of Clans account to my new phone if I no longer have my old device?

Connect coc to your previous device’s Google Play account. Open coc on your new device and login to the same Google Play account after it has been linked. Your community will load onto your new device. You may now play on both devices, however you cannot play on both devices at the same time.

Why am I unable to create a new Supercell ID?

How can I remedy this? Has anybody else experienced this? You have hit the supercell id button, but there is no opportunity to establish a second account. Go to settings, log out, and choose “play without Supercell ID.” Complete the instruction, then return to settings and choose supercell id; the register new id option should be shown.

How can I establish a new Supercell ID?

Creating a Supercell ID is free and straightforward. Simply open your game’s settings and hit the “Supercell ID” button to begin. It is accessible in all Supercell games, as well as some games by partner developers.

Is selling Clash of Clans accounts legal?

It is against our terms of service to sell, purchase, share, or give game accounts to other users, and Supercell has never encouraged such conduct. The hazards associated with account sales include: It is possible for the merchant to accept your money and never provide the account.

Will Clash of Clans be discontinued?

You may establish clans of up to fifty members and engage in many Clan Wars. Players are scared that Clash of Clans may be discontinued in 2022 due to the end of support for certain devices. We are here to clarify things up and provide you with all the necessary information.

How is a Supercell game reset?

Open Settings. Click “Connected.” Tap “Logout” from the Supercell ID menu. Now, on the title screen of the game, choose “Play without Supercell ID.”

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